Windmill Questions

  • Who did the initial research?

    Mr. George Spencer is the sole inventor & investor. He personally designed, constructed and installed all models; including experiments.

    Mr. Spencer is blessed with a strong family support group made-up of: Micro Biologist, Physic, Mathematicians, Software, Business and Entrepreneurships. Who have successfully ran a multimillion dollar high tech company for the past 25 years.

  • How much research has been done?

    Approx 6 years (2017 thru 2023)

  • Why haven’t I hear about this windmill concept?

    Information has been guarded to protect Intellectual Property

  • Has a working model been built?

    Yes; two 80 foot diameter models have been built.

  • Sales & Marketing

  • What is the Timeline?

    As of 2024 we are 3 years out from production.

  • How do you make money?

    There are 3 revenue streams: Manufacturing Franchise, Service Franchise, and a Percentage of Energy Production income.

  • How do investors get paid?

    Through annual dividends.

  • How much does a share cost?

    $50,000.00 USD ($50K) per share.

  • Stock

  • Does 3DWTX plan to list its stock for Public Trading?

    At this time there are no present or future plans to Publicly Trade Stock.